Premium Corporate Package

All-In Exclusive Offer

All-In-One Exclusive Offer
This is our most popular package that includes everything you need to set up and establish your new U.S.-based business and bank account. With this package, you’ll receive the following:
-Receive Legit US physical bank account for your new US-based company. (Online Banking+Check Deposit Slips+Debit Card package will be delivered via UPS 2-4 days Express Shipping. Tracking code included.)
-Delaware LLC with EIN number, registered agency fee included for 2 years (after two years $95/annually)
-US Physical Address
A- You get free scanning + if you have a carrier to ship, you only pay the shipping cost
B- You need a physical address to set up a U.S. bank account.
C- Office Agreement
D- No P.O Box addresses or Virtual addresses

-US Sim Card (beat the international tariff, receive text messages for free, simple refill online. Without a U.S. phone number, you can’t confirm your new U.S. bank account.
-Free VPS server. See why it’s essential by watching here:
- Our customers have successfully set up accounts with Bank Of America, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and others.
-24/7 financial guidance and advice for your new account. We will take care of any physical needs for your business in the U.S. We are the outside face of your company to the bank and will handle everything for you. We will go to the bank on behalf of your company when it is needed. (These activities can be check to deposit or losing the debit card, forgetting or getting blocked the credentials/card, transfer confirmation, getting an address proof, getting voided checks, getting bank statements, etc.