You may have some questions!, Here are the answers.

How does the US Sim Card Work?2022-06-09T08:36:43-07:00

We ship an actual Physical sim card with $5 balance in it to your home country address.

You need to have an additional device in order to activate and use the Sim Card.

The package you receive has full instructions of how to make the registration of the number to your name, which will make the number forever yours in the US. In case of you losing your sim card, or got your phone stolen you always can recover the same number with your identity information.

The number will work and you’ll have a signal wherever you go around the world as long as you’re within a distance of your local courier network zone.

You can use it as a business number to receive calls, do 2-step verification by receiving SMS for free and make calls to anyone no matter where you are.

It is shipped with selective express couriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS, in case of you being in a remote location because of high shipping costs we ship it with USPS.

Do you offer any other services?2022-06-04T08:20:03-07:00

Yes, we either help or connect you with professionals for any related services your business might need in the future, some of these services can be: federal income tax filing, dba, D-U-N-S number, company dissolution, certificate of good standing, business license research, certified copy/apostle, certificate of good standing, operating agreement, bank check book and so on.

Which state should I choose? LLC or INC?2022-06-04T08:19:26-07:00

When it comes to the state if you live or reside in a particular state we recommend you to form your business in that state however if you’ll not live or reside in any state of the US you simply can pick a state where you’ll not need to file a state tax as a non-resident. Most common options for state tax free states are Delaware, Wyoming, New Mexico.

Delaware: The most popular out of all, a must if you plan to raise funds, easiest for non-Americans to deal with, only con is annual franchise tax and because of popularity extreme waiting times 60+ days unless you order expedited.

New Mexico: Fastest formation with cheapest maintenance. Great laws for LLC’s.

Wyoming: Low fees and great asset protection laws, great option for new beginners.

When it comes to entity type whether to choose LLC or INC, if it’ll be a big scale business you potentially will raise funds from investors you need to issue stocks which only can happen with INC. Delaware C Corp is what 99% of investors are looking for.

If you’re just a new beginner and you’re going have a small scale business, such as ecommerce or a consultation LLC is the best entity type that can work for you.

Which banks do you work with?2023-03-24T01:01:18-07:00

Currently we help our clients with Mercury and Payoneer. Soon in the future we will be unlocking other banking options that accept online applications!

Is it guaranteed that the PayPal, Stripe and the Bank accounts will open successfully?2022-06-04T00:12:04-07:00

No, there is a chance that they may not accept your business. The application of Stripe, PayPal opening, and bank services are subject to ID verification and their approval. Before you submit your application, we make sure everything complies with their terms and requirements, which will almost avoid the risk of rejection for good, however the last decision made by them which we do not have any influence on.

What are the recurring fees after the first year? How much does it cost to maintain the company?2022-06-04T00:08:56-07:00

Every state has their own flat franchise fee or annual report costs, besides that according to US laws your company must have a registered agent, our annual registered agency fee is $198 which includes the registered agent address you can use and receive unlimited documents. Besides the registered agency annual VPS is also $198 which you only pay after the first year.

What are the requirements? Which documents should I provide? Do I ship anything?2022-06-04T00:08:21-07:00

The only requirement is your proper passport scan to start with, we do not require you to ship any single document during the entire process.

What is the process like?2022-06-04T00:07:35-07:00

Right after your order we manually provide you credentials of our portal via email within the 24 hours of your order. You login to the portal which is where you’ll be able to provide all necessary documents, basic information, do necessary signings, get your process started and be able to track it.

First we form your US company in a selected state, after your company formation is done, we deliver your company documents, registered agency address to you in our portal and move onto your EIN.

While we’re waiting for your EIN, we ship your sim card to the local home country address you’ve provided via selective express shipping with DHL, UPS or FedEx. (USPS for costy remote locations)

Once your EIN is out it means you’re ready for applying for our selective partnered banks, you do your application on your VPS provided by us with following the guidance we provided. During your application process we provide full support, view your website for you and make sure you don’t have any red flags which may cause an issue with opening the bank.

After your EIN is out we additionally get your signature for ITIN, unlike other ITIN providers we’re the only one where we don’t need you to ship any signed form to our US office.

Once your ITIN is ready, just like your US banking you are ready for applying to both PayPal and Stripe by following the guidance on your VPS. Again we fully follow-up your process,
give support even after you successfully open your accounts.

You’ll be able to book your call on your portal to discuss anything about running a business in the US as a non-resident, taxation, immigration and so on.

We also provide selective perks where you get the best deals and discounts for your business from varieties of companies that top startups use and need.

How long does everything take?2022-06-04T00:06:20-07:00

All of the work, the submissions and fillings are done by us under 48 hours which makes us the fastest US company formation service provider out there, however in general every state and the IRS has their time frames.

Company formation does depend on the state and even the entity type, you can see the time frame for company formations before you order it while picking a state.

We can apply for your EIN only after your company formation is completed, EIN normally takes 15 business days, however these days it unfortunately takes about 30 business days.

Once your EIN is ready we directly move onto your ITIN, which takes around 8 weeks at the moment. While waiting for your ITIN you already receive your Sim Card, VPS and guidances, consultation call which takes on average 1-2 weeks. Before waiting for your ITIN to be ready, a bank account can be opened and set only with company documents, ein, a phone number website with basic business information you’ll provide. You can start accepting wire payments to your US banking and even send money to your home country.

Once your ITIN is out, application for PayPal and Stripe or opening seller accounts on Amazon can be done in about a week with the guidance we provide.

What languages do you support?2023-03-24T01:02:05-07:00

We can help you to open your US entity in English ,中文, ру́сский,عَرَبِيّ , Türkçe, and Español.