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Here are some Questions for the U.S. Bank Account in our Corporate Package

Your account will not be shut down as long as you use your account actively and maintain a balance in the account, meaning it can’t be $0 or in the negative. However, if you do anything illegal or conduct business besides e-commerce there is a chance that it will be shut down. We are not responsible for what you do with the account after we establish it.

If it your account is shut down because of reasons not related to you, we will open you a new account for free. If it shuts down because of something you’ve done deemed illegal or unethical, we will reach out to understand the situation. If we wish to continue working with you, we will set up a new account for you for a fee. The balance in the account will be sent to you via check to your physical U.S. address.

You can and we recommend you do! We’re available 24/7 for any and all bank-related issues and questions. Please remember that we will be your solution-provider since most bank actions need a physical presence. However, if you have other business questions not related to our services, we will be unable to help.

Yes, we are the physical presence for your business. We will go to the bank for you and can also help you in other areas for free or a fee, depending on the package you’ve purchased.

It is 100% Legal. We are a 3rd party company who is your business representative that is introducing your business to the banks. There is POA between banks and us which protects both your rights and ours.

Each bank and their banking regulations vary, there are banks that we work with that they have wire option in online banking, there are banks that you need to do it with third party such as transferwise.

If your account has a physical US address, it is eligible for both payment processors. Currently, out of all of our clients (250 plus) we have not had an issue setting up an account and have received nothing but positive feedback Remember that we are just your representatives and are not related to your business at all. If your account is unaccepted, shut down, or your business is on a red flag list, it is because of your actions and business, not us.

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