PayPal setup


We do not sell “PayPal Account” We set PayPal on your behalf, you need to provide us U.S. Bank Account and the U.S. VPS. We have both of the needed services as you can see on our services page.

Closeup hands holding mobile phone with application for send and receive money. Man and woman holding smartphone and making payment transaction. Smart phone screen displaying payment sent and money received message after transaction.

Can I Set It by my Own?

You sure can set your own PayPal, we take the best practices and use our best experience specifically for your business and country.

What do I get? Only PayPal set Up?

We get you 1 verified PayPal Account plus set one extra for your business, you end up having 2 PayPal Accounts. Get paid to the one we give and after that transfer your money to your original PayPal. This way no chargebacks, risks of having loosing your original PayPal.

What if You Can Not Open?

In the case of us failing deliver any promised service we do %110 refund. Yes, %10 extra on whatever you paid to us. Zero questions money guaranteed service.

need more information?

Any questions you’ve regarding our PAYPAL SETUP do not hesitate to reach us!

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