3 Essentials

$1,445.00 $945.00


3 Essentials

$1,445.00 $945.00

What’s included?

-US Company (EIN Included)

-ITIN Number

-Annual VPS






We included all 3 essentials in one package, your ready to sell, budget-friendly, long term-healthy US entity.


US Company: As a non-resident, if you will do a business with the US first step for you to take in order to get paid legally is gonna be setting your US Company, we can set LLC or INC in the State of Delaware less than a week. After your company set we get your EIN number from IRS. Which will be the Tax ID of your company.

ITIN Number: ITIN is essential for those who do not have SSN, payment processors, banking, selling platforms either setting up or after some time of usage, you eventually will need personal 9 digits TAX ID which can be used just like SSN.

Annual VPS: For many reasons, if you have a business in the US that business better RUN in US location, even while US companies that have 100’s of employees physically-based only in the US are running their online operations from VPS what is your reason to not to? Please take a look at Ugur’s video about setting stripe and importance of VPS by clicking here. 

BONUS BANKING GUIDANCE: Fortunately there are few options that you can open your US banking online, however you need to have 3 essentials and the RIGHT way to apply in order to get accepted. We bring our 5 years expertise in the field and give you the work we do and charge for free, only we are looking for you to get the essentials from us. There are 3 banks we know and we are ready to guide you if ever one says no, we guide you to another one.

3 Essentials Process

A company with EIN: You choose your company name, in 2 weeks we finish and set your US company with your EIN number. You receive your company documents via email before we proceed to your banking.

ITIN: We get your ITIN number from IRS with our certified agent. The process takes 6-8 weeks. We deliver your ITIN to you via email.

Annual VPS: We give your access to your US VPS hosting. For the service, we use our own servers based in the US.

US Bank Account: We do a call with you and guide you for right practices for you to set your bank account, access online banking and get your debit card shipped to you.

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