US Bank Account Package


What’s included?

-Delaware Company(INC or LLC)


-First Year Registered Agent Fee

-U.S. Physical Address

-eCommerce US Bank Account

-Free Shipping of Debit Card





We included all essentials in one package for your US business: your ready to sell, budget-friendly, long term-healthy US entity.


US Company, EIN, Address: As a non-resident, if you will do a business with the US first step for you to take in order to get paid legally is gonna be setting your US Company, we can set LLC or INC in the State of Delaware less than a week. We do provide you with a physical address that you can start receiving your documents. We do free scanning and charge only shipping for the hardcopy you’ve. After your company set with the address we get your EIN number from IRS. Which will be the Tax ID of your company.


eCommerce U.S. BANK ACCOUNT: Here, after having everything required for the bank is ready, we set your US Bank Account, give your online banking, ship your debit card to your local address for free. We give you business checking account from one of the major banks that accepts your business, it is real bank account not payment provider unlike Payoneer or Transferwise etc. In any case, we fail to deliver we do a full refund without any conversation.



  1. Company,EIN,Address: You choose your company name, provide us with your proper passport scan, vital information in 10 days we make your company ready, deliver your office agreement(address). After that, we apply your EIN number to IRS, the process of IRS varies depends on the season, check current delivery dates.
  2. eCommerce US Bank Account: After everything is ready, we send you a form for you to fill, then open your US bank account in 2 weeks, deliver your online banking wait for your debit card to ship to your local address.

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