Premium Corporate Package


What’s included?

-Delaware Company


-Physical Bank Account

-U.S. Physical Address

-First Year Of Registered Agency Fee

-ITIN Number

-Annual VPS

-Sim Card

-First Year Free Physical Bank Visits




You get Physical U.S. Bank Account from our partnered major big U.S. Bank Accounts

  • Wells Fargo
  • Citizens Bank
  • Bank Of America
  • TD Bank

Out of our 4 partners we have, we get your business accepted. You can do any legal business in the U.S. with this account.

We are the legal rep. of your account, for more detailed questions regarding the account please proceed to our FAQ section.

In addition to your U.S. bank account, we do provide everything you need within the package.

How’s the process?

Company with EIN: You choose your company name, in 2 weeks we finish and set your US company with your EIN number. You receive your company documents via email before we proceed to your banking.

US Bank Account+Sim Card: You get a business checking account in one of the major banks in the US. We enrol you to your online banking ship your debit card to your local address with 2-4 days express shipping. Your Sim Card comes with your debit card in the same package. With your US Phone Number, we get you enrolled your online banking which only has your access and control.

ITIN: We get your ITIN number from IRS with our certified agent. The process takes 6 weeks. We deliver your ITIN to you via email.

Annual VPS: We give your access to your US VPS hosting. For the service, we use our own servers based in the US. All of your bank actions are taken on your VPS server.

Unlimited Free Bank Visits: First year for any of your physical bank needs(check to deposit or losing the debit card, forgetting or getting blocked the credentials/card, transfer confirmation, getting an address proof, getting voided checks, getting bank statements, etc.) all will be done for free. After the first year our fee is $495. You will have some physical activities needed with this account, anything you’ve we are on the field for you.

Guaranteed Long Term Banking: If ever your account gets shutdowns for the reasons on our ends, we take full responsibility and open a new account for free.

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