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Have you ever thought of having your own business in the US but you just felt that the process is too complicated, expensive and simply not worth it, well then with myUSA LLC that’s no longer the case. Those who have already tried creating an LLC by themselves know that the lack of experience and the complexity of the legal process will just have you broke, stressed out and missing half of your mandatory documents. Thanks to our energetic and experienced team we have turned the tables and made the creating a company, whether you are a US resident or NON-US resident creating a US Business is as easy as filling a from and believing in your dream.

Here at MyUsaLLC our goal is to make creating a company as easy, cheap and reliable as possible for everyone…..everywhere.

what is an LLC

An LLC combines the limited liability protection of a corporation with the pass-through taxation of a sole proprietorship, which makes it the perfect sweet spor for every start-up and enterpreneurs.

what is the perfect state to start and LLC in uSA

If you have your business in any state of the US then that state will be the perfect place for you to establish your LLC. However, if you are doing business online or want to benefit as much as posssible from the taxation laws of the US then choosing a tax-friendly state like Delaware is the right move for you.

5 reasons why an LLC is the best structure for your business.


flexible profit distribution structure

Unlike Corporations which are required to have their profits distributed in exact accordance with the proportion of ownership of each shareholder. An LLC is allowed to split the profits among its members in different proportions to their ownership percentage, the complete flexibility of profit distribution is left to the members.

Avoid Double Taxation

An LLC follows what the IRS calls a ‘’pass-thorugh’’ taxation. What that means is that the LLC doesn’t pay taxes directly, the profit or loss is rather passed on to the owner, and later on taxed as a personal income.



The Limited Liability Protection

One of the most important factors that drive people not choosing an LLC is security, by forming an LLC, the members’ assets are proteccted from any debts or liabilities that the company has incurred, the members are only responsible for the personal interest that they have invested in the business. The LLC is treated as an independent entity responible for the full repercussions of its own financial legal decisions.

Minimal compliance Requirements

While the state requires that corporations would adopt bylaws, keep minutes of all the formal corporate resolutions including the obligatory one meeting of directors and shareholders per year, LLC’s are not legally obligated to do any of those things, they are only required to maintain some annual filling requirements and certain formalities. Which makes running an LLC much easier and simpler especially for startups and small companies.



Decision Making Flexibility

When running a corporation like a c-corp, making changes to your company requires lots of bureaucracy, for example when making board decisions like strategic and financial decisions, minutes are required by law from the board. LLCs have way less requirements and bureaucracy when it comes to making decisions.

4 Steps of forming an LLC

In order to create an LLC the certificate of formation is prepared and submit it to the secretary of state in which the business is to be legally locate it. This submission of the article is the main actor that begins the LLC’s existence on the state law.

Choose your LLC’s name

Take your time to come up with the perfect list of names for your company, we will then check the availability of each one of them for free and see if that available or not. We will file your company Certificate of formation with one of the names you've chosen based on their availability and their ranking in your list. Click here to check available company names for your business in the State of Delaware.

Designate a registered agent

In order to create your company the law requires you to designate the registered agent to receive official mail and service process on behalf of your company a service that we offer for cheapest price on the market $40 a year, They must have a physical address( Registered office) In the same state and keep business hours, Which won't be possible since you're not a US resident. And if you are thinking about having a relative or a friend of yours as a registered agent they will probably be burdened with your legal documents, And might even end up missing up something.

Get any EIN(Employer identification number)

For a company to be able to Open a bank account and pay taxes in the US, It needs an EIN which stands for an employer identification number. It will be the Tax ID of your company. Here at MyUsaLLC we offer our clients the EIN only for $65(cheapest on the market) in an average of 10 business days.

Complete the articles of organization

After the two first steps are completed, you will have to provide us with the rest of the LLCs articles of organization depending on the state you have chosen to incorporate in.

Why choose us to get an LLC?


MyUsaLLC would never deceive or knowingly share false information with its clients for the sake of their profit.


Our team and family is constantly growing in numbers and experience, Because our priority is for our clients to receive the utmost care and attention.

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