Opening a US bank account online for your US company, Which is as simple as a little picnic to the bank for most Americans is a lot more complicated for nonresidents, Because while there is no legal reason to open a business bank account in the US is a non-resident for a US company, The patriot act has made it near impossible without physically being in the US for opening the account.

If you’re Amazon, eBay, Etsy Seller, or Shopify DropShipper, Using PayPal Or Stripe or you simply have a business in the US, and you do so Using your company then having a business bank account in the US is an absolute necessity if you want to get paid in your company’s name and start benefiting from all the advantages banking provides your business with.

Why do I need a US physical address?

Our clients come to ask for US physical address for many reasons:

Can I use family and friends addresses as my physical address?

While using your family and friends addresses Is a viable option, Most people prefer to get a personal physical address, And the reason for that Is because you will be receiving all sorts of sensitive documents and files, like bank statements, IRS notices, lawsuits(hopefully not) etc. All personal documents That's our best delivered straight to your personal physical address for both your peace of mind as well as that of your close ones.

What are the risks of fake and PO Box address?

  • Opening a business account with US banks, PayPal, Or other Similar companies using PO address would mean that your application is almost certain to be denied.
  • Faking your address is a very dangerous thing to do because it’s a direct violation of the ‘’CAN-SPAM Act’’ According to it, Each separate meals that sent to a fake address will result in a penalty of $40,654 So planning on faking an address instead of getting legitimate physical address is just not worth it.
  • Since governmental Agencies and Institutions don’t send mail to PO Box is listing your PO address could result In lost a very sensitive and important documents which could put your whole business in peril.


All Address Are real commercial addresses. No PO boxes used. So you can use it to receive mail and packages from all couriers. You can also use it in situations where a PO Box address is not accepted.
And non-US resident or someone leaving outside the US can sign up for the mailbox. In most instances, You may use your local identification for verification.

You can receive unlimited envelopes all will be scanned and sent for free included in your annual plan.

Unlimited free scan’s in your annual plan.

Free mail is the number of incoming mail envelopes that are initially scans at no charge.

Free scans covers the scanning of the contents inside the received mail. One free Scan covers up To the first 10 pages inside the mail piece. Additional pieces are charged an extra per page fee. About 95% of all the mail Processed by VPM is 10 pages or fewer.

Unlimited Secure recycling is recycling your mail if you don’t want it so always stay green.
Unlimited secure shredding is to put your mail through the shredding machine and that mean noone can have access to your mail.

need more information?

Any questions you’ve regarding our US PHYSICAL ADDRESS do not hesitate to reach us!

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